Career - With us ?

If you are talented, innovative and have a great sense of commitment to deliver what you promise, Let’s work together.

Work environment

We spend more time at work than at home. We have created a casual, friendly and inviting work environment for you. We let you design your workplace as per your preference. It makes you feel at home, thus enabling you to perform at your best. All our team members stay together like a closely knitted family – sharing and celebrating the party of life.

Softnsite Solutions offers a work environment that is stimulating, creative, open and informal and is based on teamwork and mutual trust. The open work environment gives each Softnsite Solutions member, ready access to be experts in their fields, and thus, great learning opportunities are available. We are an equal opportunity employer and compensation is not a constraint for deserving candidates.

Quality of work

When a person contracts a professional task to a company, they expect top quality results. And we deliver exactly that! Think for once – you feel happy when you make someone happy. Don’t you? Your work satisfaction is derived from the satisfaction delivered to your clients. When you work at Softnsite Solutions, you are exposed to the best workmanship in the creative industry. We encourage and support you to go that extra mile that takes to satisfy a client. The concept is very simple – the client is satisfied. You get job satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Your benefits

Softnsite Solutions offers competitive pay-packages and on-going promotion to deserving candidates based on their yearly performance appraisals. Apart from fixed salary, you get the following additional benefits: ⦁ Paid leaves to spend some time with your family without fear of losing money. ⦁ Medical insurance to pay for those unexpected medical bills. ⦁ Annual incentives at the financial year closing based on company’s performance.

Grow With Us

You have unique experiences, skills and passions- we believe you can bring them all to Softnsite Solutions and create a rich, rewarding career Imagine the excitement and satisfaction of what you will do and the difference you can make with the Softnsite’s resources. Our philosophy is hiring for tomorrow, taking on candidates not for what we see in them today, but assessing their potential to drive the business tomorrow. In addition to technical soundness supported by good academic records, we look for that spark and a high degree of passion, which for us differentiates the exceptional from the merely competent.

Employee Voice

Softnsite Solutions is my first company , and happy to be a part of family

junior web developer